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Bringing the cloud experience to anywhere your data lives.

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Addressing Massive Data Growth with as-a-Service Economics

Quantum Object Storage Services are the industry’s only as-a-Service solution for active and cold data archiving that can be deployed wherever your data lives. Quantum delivers fully managed, S3- and S3 Glacier-compatible Storage-as-a-Service solutions within the security of your own data centers, whether that’s on-premises, colocated, or in a hosted environment.

Simply Build a Storage Cloud Wherever Your Data Lives

With Quantum Object Storage Services, you maintain security and control of your data, your workloads, and your applications, while the underlying infrastructure is securely owned and managed by Quantum. Achieve hyperscale storage economics, maintain control of your data assets, and unlock the value of your data without expensive access and storage fees.


Quantum Object Storage Services provide scalable private and hybrid cloud storage solutions, from petabytes to exabytes. Two classes of service are available – for Active and Cold Data – with simple, all-inclusive pricing.

Object Storage Services1 Active Data Cold Data
Data Retrieval Time Milliseconds Minutes
How is data accessed S3 Standard Class S3 Glacier Class
Durability 15 9’s 15 9’s
List Price $0.015 per GB per month
No data access fees
$0.003 per GB per month
No data access fees
1 Terms and conditions apply. Contact Quantum for details.

Featured Benefits

A Simple, Affordable, Long-Term Storage Solution

Achieve low TCO over years and decades with a flexible set of highly available services tuned to your storage needs with simple pay-as-you-grow pricing.

Maintain Data Sovereignty and Control

Realize cloud storage economics by deploying the same storage cloud architecture as cloud hyperscalers without sacrificing control.

Attain Extreme Data Availability, Durability, and Security

Rock-solid infrastructure, proactive monitoring, repair services, and ongoing assessments ensure that your service is fully available and your data secure.

Reduce Operational Costs

Quantum experts proactively manage your Quantum storage cloud environment, so your teams are free to focus on other projects and priorities.


Industry-Leading Features

Quantum Object Storage Services provide:

  • Secure, highly durable, S3- and S3-Glacier-compatible private storage cloud services for active and cold data.
  • A storage infrastructure in your facility that is fully installed, managed, maintained, and owned by Quantum.
  • Forever archiving capabilities as a fully managed service with no forklift upgrades, unpredictable fees, or unplanned capital expenditures.

Quantum Object Storage Services

Quantum Object Storage Services include:

  • Installation and Integration: Quantum installs, configures, and integrates the associated products at the customer’s data center.
  • Activation of Cloud-Based Analytics (CBA) Agents: CBA agents are activated on Quantum products to upload telemetry data and logs to the Quantum Cloud at regular intervals for monitoring and analysis.
  • Mission-Critical Premium Gold Support Services: 24x7 technical assistance and case resolution, access to online and global phone support, priority onsite critical issue response, 24x7 delivery and installation of all replacement parts.
  • Proactive Monitoring and Management: Quantum actively monitors and manages the environment remotely, providing onsite support when required, and in coordination with the customer.
  • Capacity and Quality Assessments: Ongoing review of capacity, performance, and availability statistics and corrective actions. As data requirements grow over time, Quantum works with the customer to identify needs and adjusts configurations and billing rates accordingly.
  • Tech Refreshes and Data Migration: As installed equipment nears end of service life, refreshing the installed service is included. Quantum manages the migration of data from the current service platform to the new service platform with limited or no service disruptions— all included within a simple, predictable pricing model, eliminating the need for forklift upgrades.

Key Features

  • Customer Responsibilities and End User Features
  • Service Delivery and Analytics
  • Service Infrastructure Platforms

Object Storage Services

Securely store, manage, and protect active and cold data archives within your own private storage cloud, while achieving the same financial flexibility and economics of cloud-based archives.

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